Daily Gospel Reflection for June 25, 2019


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 7:6, 12-14

Life is demanding, and our secular culture seeps into the corners of our lives. It is easy to get caught up in the race for the newest game, the better car, the latest brand of clothes, the larger home. In fact, there’s a phrase to address the concept of this race: “keeping up with the Joneses.” Everyone and everything is rushing around us, and it is so tempting to join in with the group.

However, as today’s Gospel encourages us, we must “Enter through the narrow gate”. We are instructed to seek out the road which leads to life, and are also advised that those who find the road to life are few. Yet, we must seek Him, in order to find the gate which leads to life.

In short, as Christians, we are reminded that we are called to live counter-cultural, radical lives. We are called to live with our lives rooted in Christ: to cherish the good we have been given, be grateful for the blessings we have, treat others – whether they are strangers or family – as we would like to be treated, use life-affirming words to those in our families, and to search for God.

Living a life worthy of Christ and His sacrifice demands we no longer travel through the wide gate and the easy road to our destruction; rather, we are called to search for God, travel the bumpy, sometimes painful road, and allow Him to lead us through the narrow gate.

It is not easy.

But, to find eternal life with God, it is essential.


Have there been times you have grumbled about going to Mass because there is something else you would rather be doing? Have you gotten wrapped up in gossip, or derogatory comments about your spouse or children? When was the last time you placed yourself at His feet, asking Him to lead your heart and life to His eternal reward?


Dear Lord, please accept my humble apologies for the times I get caught up and forget to search for You. Guide my heart, my actions, and my thoughts so that I am inspired to live only for You, and the promise of Eternal Life.

Copyright 2019 AnnAliese Harry

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