Daily Gospel Reflection for July 25, 2019 - St. James


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 20:20-28 – Feast of St. James, Apostle

“What do you wish?”

Can you hear Jesus asking you this question?

Don’t we all desperately want greatness for our children? To help them reach heaven one day? But lest we should fall into the sin of spiritual pride, Jesus reminds us that our heavenly reward will not be gained by appearing to be the holiest person on earth, or presuming our “spot” in heaven has already been secured for us. Rather, we will remain in God’s grace through service and sacrifice — by drinking of the chalice and always seeking the most humble paths of service.

As parents, we can’t bring our children to heaven ourselves. We don’t always know how best to spiritually inspire our littles ones. We can’t look into our teenagers’ hearts and gauge the depth of their prayer life. But we can teach them selfless habits, acts of service, and how to put others first. And that is what will truly make them great.


Is there a small act of service that you can encourage your children to do today?


Dear Jesus, please help me to seek humility, not only for myself, but for my children as well. When they are overlooked, lost in the shadows, or called to serve “behind the scenes”, help me to teach them that this is an opportunity to grow in holiness.

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