The Forgetful Woman's Guide to Finding Christ

"The forgetful woman's guide to finding Christ" by Maria V. Gallagher (

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I don’t know exactly when it started happening, but the mountain of Post-it notes on my desk has reached Himalayan proportions.

Each little yellow sticky was supposed to remind me of something, but, it now takes too much time to go through the stack. So there must be something I’m forgetting … a whole lot of something …

But I don’t want to forget Christ—now or ever. It can be a struggle, though, to find the time to locate Him. Chances are very good a holy card or two are submerged in that sea of sunshine-yellow sticky notes.

In fact, I even have a prayer journal here … somewhere … which I last wrote in … let’s see … it must have been this year sometime, right?

If you ever find yourself scampering into the bedroom and then wondering why in the world you were headed there … or race back from the minivan to the front door of your house just to double-check that the door is indeed locked … then, my friend, you can count yourself among the ranks of forgetful women.

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to leave Jesus behind.

Here are a few techniques that I have discovered that can help me find my Lord and Savior in the midst of my hectic routine:

Attach a prayer to a daily activity. For instance, one thing I am never going to forget is my morning coffee. On my way to driving to my favorite beverage drive-thru, I tuck in a prayer for my family and my co-workers. I don’t forget the prayer because I cannot forget my coffee. See how this muddled mind works?

Pray at every meal. Even if your breakfast is a sticky bun on the run, make room for Jesus at each meal. This can also be a great means of evangelization, if you remember to make that Sign of the Cross before you start your blessing.

Don’t hit the pillow without counting your blessings. My world was forever rocked after a friend suggested to me that I find three things to be grateful for each day. Now, granted, in the whirl of daily motherhood, you may not remember everything that whizzed by you in that 24-hour period. But at least you can think up three things that made the day more pleasant. Give all the glory to God for that trio of blessings.

You, too, my friend, can become a forgetful woman of God. Just commit to memory this fact: God loves you and He is always by your side — even if that lovely pair of boots you bought over the summer isn’t. I guarantee you they’re there somewhere — right next to the thing-a-ma-jig…

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