Daily Gospel Reflection for October 25, 2019


Reflection by Kaye Park Hinckley

Today’s Gospel: Luke 12:54-59

More strong words from Jesus as the agitator, showing us the joy of following through on what is right and loving, even to death, while knowing that we are forgiven for our sins by an understanding God. But in our life journey, we must deal with others in the same way as Jesus deals with us.

When we look at the sky, we can usually predict from its signs the kind of weather we’ll have. We base our prediction on human knowledge. But we need a new kind of knowledge, a new kind of discernment to read the signs of the times — a spiritual discernment. We have the capability of spiritual discernment, yet sometimes we don’t use it.

Jesus challenges us to use our spiritual knowledge, a gift of His Holy Spirit revealed through Him and our Catholic Faith, to be aware of what is happening today, in our time, on our life journey. He gives the example of going to court with an opponent, making the point that it could be avoided if we used our spiritual discernment to reconcile with the opponent rather than fighting it out.

Reconciliation is something Jesus requires, and it comes through our spiritual gift of understanding. In addition, Jesus speaks of an urgency to reconcile or forgive, and then turn ourselves totally to Him. In other words, do it today, not tomorrow. For if we do not recognize and offer our own sins to the Lord, who wants to take them away and forgive us, we will have to pay for them to the last penny.


Where is my life headed? Am I following the commandments of God, and on a path of goodness, or am I ignoring the instructions of Jesus and heading toward a path of ruin?


Jesus, on this day, let me discern and reflect on what is truly right.

Copyright 2019 Kaye Park Hinckley

Kaye Park Hinckley, the mother of five children and the grandmother of twelve, has seven published books of adult Catholic Fiction. Hinckley won the 2018 Independent Press Award for Religion Fiction. Her latest novel won Poets & Writers Magazine Maureen Egen Award, First Runner-Up.

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