Receiving the Holy Eucharist should be like approaching a King on his throne

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This song was sung during the presentation of the gifts recently at Mass. I don’t remember ever hearing it before, so when I read the words from the song sheet they really struck me. The words throne and home really made an impression on me.

It hit me as I was approaching the altar to receive Communion that when I take the Host in my hands I am to do so lovingly, respectfully, excitedly and humbly. I am receiving the King of the Universe in my hands, and should treat them as a royal throne where a King sits.

When picturing a throne, I see a chair all gilded in gold, royal purple sink, softest tapestry covering, a strong headrest and armrests, and placed on an elevated platform high above all else. In Revelation it says God sits on the throne of heaven while “all living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever” (Rev 4:9).

Likewise, I should bow before receiving Communion, hold my hands high and steady, and receive it with the utmost reverence. Receiving the Holy Eucharist should never be taken for granted or treated as anything less special as receiving the greatest gift in the world. Making our hands a mini-throne is the least we can do when accepting the gift of Jesus’ Body.

Once I take the Communion into my body, this song reminds us to also take it into my heart and incorporate it into my very being as if welcoming the King into my home: excitedly, graciously, exuberantly accepting the love and gift of life that the Eucharist gives each recipient. Then, I should hold onto that love all week and give it out in doses to everyone I can on His behalf.

Receiving the Eucharist brings us in union with God. It fills us with His compassion, mercy, patience, and wisdom among so many other gifts (Gal 5:22-23). Accepting this gift as often as we can makes us better Christians. May we do so with reverence, seeing our hands as thrones and our hearts as homes.

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