Daily Gospel Reflection for November 28, 2019


Reflection by Colleen O’Dowd

Today’s Gospel: Luke 21:20-28

We heard pieces of this gospel reading last year on the first Sunday of Advent. What will the season of Advent mean for me this year? How have I grown in my prayer? In my relationship with Jesus? In my love for the poor? In my Catholic faith?

This gospel in Luke happens just before Jesus enters into His passion. Luke 21 is one long scene of Jesus teaching in the temple and encountering different people asking questions: the twelve, other disciples, temple officials, Saduccees, Pharisees, Scribes, and probably other curious folks. Jesus is bold enough to spend this much time right out in the open and up front, knowing He is about to be thrown under the proverbial bus. I am amazed (but not really, that’s how God rolls.) He is not trying to wind up the people; He loves them, is protective of them, wants to save them — all of them. And so this is not a scare tactic. This is a warning, so they know what is coming and what to do when it does.

He knows they will run, lie, deny, forsake — and He wants them to make it out anyway. He wants them to be at the empty tomb. To be in the locked upper room. To be on the road to Emmaus.

Jesus knows how the story ends. And so do we.


Am I ready to “stand erect and raise my head” at the end of time? Do I believe that my redemption is at hand?


Lord Jesus, You are the gatherer of all people. Help me to live in confident and joyful anticipation of Your eternal coming, in the manger, in the clouds, and in my life.

Copyright 2019 Colleen O’Dowd

Colleen O’Dowd is the Director of Faith Formation & Evangelization at Holy Spirit Parish in Stevens Point, WI. She loves being Catholic, her Converse all-stars are always liturgically correct, and she is a super-saint-geek! She blogs ultra-occasionally at ourheartswereburningwithin.wordpress.com and can also be found @catholiccolleen on Twitter and Instagram.

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