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One of the biggest challenges when my kids were young was attending Mass. Our church doesn’t have a crying room or Sunday school, so it was up to me to keep them focused at Mass and make it meaningful for their age level. But how do you keep them engaged when the liturgy doesn’t necessarily speak to the level of a screaming, overactive 4-year-old? I wish I had known about more resources back then. Fortunately there are some great resources through Holy Heroes Publishing for all ages of children to get them engaged and learning about the Catholic faith.

Little Catholic's Book of Liturgical Colors

One of the best books by Holy Heroes is The Little Catholic’s Book of Liturgical Colors by Theresa Kiser, with illustrations by Chris Pelicano. It’s perfect for ages under 7 years. Each page gives a breakdown on all the colors of the Catholic Liturgical year with rich illustrations. The passages are short, rhyming and full of rich meaning to each color. Below is a description of the color rose, used during Advent:

Rose is for the joy of hope!
So even when life’s rough,
We can be assured
God’s grace will be enough.

This is a great little board book to carry along to Mass for kids to make connections, especially as Advent approaches. You can find this book on along with other phenomenal products.

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