Daily Gospel Reflection for December 14, 2019


Reflection by Emily Davis

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 17:9A, 10-13 – Memorial of St. John of the Cross

Today’s Gospel is befitting the Memorial of Saint John of the Cross, which we celebrate today, during the second week of Advent. In our Gospel today, which comes right after the Transfiguration of Christ, Jesus tells the Apostles to ‘tell no one about the vision they saw until after the Son of Man has been raised from the dead.’ The Apostles asked Him why the scribes said Elijah would come first, and when Jesus answered them they were confused, because Jesus told them Elijah had already come and no one recognized him. I am sure they were stunned. But we also know that many people don’t hear or recognize our Lord.

Saint John of the Cross lived his life trying to mirror Jesus’s words from the Gospel of Mark, “whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me”. He wrote about how in society, Christians run from the pain of the crosses they bear, but if we want to live in Heaven with Jesus, we should run towards the cross.

We must strive to understand the Word of the Lord. We must take up our crosses and walk the path to heaven no matter what tragedies come our way. We must lift our heads and hearts towards heaven and praise God. God knows it is hard, but He is right there carrying the cross with us.

Let’s keep watch so we won’t miss all He wants us to see and hear so that we can teach others.


What in your life is coming between you and the words, messages, and lessons that Jesus needs you to learn in order to live with him in eternity? Would you recognize Him if He were in front of you? Can you hear Him?


Lord, life is not easy. Please help us see You in the chaotic and painful valleys we walk in our lives. Please help us to be like Saint John of the Cross, and truly find glory knowing we are bearing all things for You! Amen!

Copyright 2019 Emily Davis

Emily Davis is — Catholic. Texan. Wife. Mama. Grandma. Crafter. Volunteer. Friend. Teacher. Writer. Faith Influencer. Her husband recently moved the family to Naples, Italy, for 4-5 years (working for the Navy). Emily is teaching CCD and volunteering in Hospitality for the Good Samaritan Catholic Community. Their youngest, Christopher is a freshman in high school. Visit her at Our Home Mary’s Mantle.

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