Daily Gospel Reflection for January 5, 2019 - Epiphany of the Lord


Reflection by Christina Weigand

Today’s Gospel: Matthew 2:1-12

When I read this gospel passage there is one thing from the many that strikes me, and that is travel.

The parts we don’t see in this passage are the trip Joseph and Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem and the Magi’s travel from an unknown place to Bethlehem. Neither of these journeys would have been easy. They didn’t have airplanes, cars, trains or buses. Journeys were made on foot with maybe a donkey, horse or camel. At least Mary and Joseph knew where they were going, even if they didn’t know how the journey would end with their Son being born. The magi had no clue where the star would lead them, no idea what their final destination would be, yet they packed up their camels, and information from years of study, and followed a star.

Both of these groups traveled and relied on faith to reach their final destination. I can’t begin to imagine what Mary and Joseph experienced on that long journey, yet they trusted that God would see them safely to their destination.

The Magi, not Jewish and maybe not even believers of any sort, also made a dangerous journey, trusted whatever was leading them in the form of a star. I can’t for sure say that they believed in the god of the Jews or any god for that matter. I can’t even say for sure where they traveled from to reach Bethlehem. But they put their faith in some higher power and made the journey to pay homage to an infant.

Is my faith that strong? Am I able, like Mary and Joseph and the Magi, to put my faith in God to lead me safely to the end of my journey?


Am I able to trust God and make the journey to Him, strong in my faith?


Lord, grant me the strength of faith to travel this life journey with You by my side so that I will reach my final eternal destination.

Copyright 2020 Christina Weigand

Christina Weigand is a writer, wife, mother of four, and Nana to five. She lives in Pennsylvania and has published three YA novels, a woman’s Bible study, and two MG Fantasy.

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