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We know that parents have their hands full keeping bored, homebound kids stimulated and learning – and that includes their Catholic faith. Each weekday, we’re highlighting another snackable, entertaining and informative (or, as we like to say ‘enterforming’) episode and offering some of the information available at More now than ever, we want to be central to your faith!

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Finding God in Creation (and Evolution) With ‘Catholic Central’

It’s easy to be awed by God’s creation when you’re standing in the middle of a forest, at the edge of the ocean or at the Grand Canyon. But nature exists in every butterfly, blade of grass and potted plant.

In this episode of Catholic Central, we explore the way the Church harmonizes science and faith, even the theory of evolution.

Catholic Central: Creation and Evolution refutes the notion that science and faith are at war, but instead demonstrates the ways they complement each other. We discuss the Catholic Church’s acceptance of the theory of evolution, Catholic contributions to scientific research and discovery, and exploration of not just how the universe works, but why it exists at all.

Diving Deeper

  1. What do you think of the ways that Catholics reconcile Genesis and the theory of evolution?
  2. When people tell you that science proves God doesn’t exist, how do you respond? Can science prove God doesn’t exist?
  3. What is a question that science alone can’t answer?
  4. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote that the creation story in Genesis doesn’t tell us where we came from, but who we are. What does that mean to you?


Spend 30 minutes outdoors with your cellphone on silent. Observe the beauty of creation. In what ways do you see God as active in creation?

Reflection by Father Vince Kuna, C.S.C.

Read a poem from St. Ephrem the Syrian, or even consider purchasing a paperback version of his collected poems, called HYMNS ON PARADISE. Through poetic language, St. Ephrem weaves the theological world of Genesis with the natural world he saw around him.

Take a break sometime from domestic life and go for a walk (while employing good social-distancing practices) to enjoy God’s creation. Prior to venturing out, read one of his poems in silence. (And if you can’t go out, find some of the videos on YouTube of hikes or bike rides through nature, and march in place or use a stationary bike.) Then upon returning from the walk, read the poem out loud as poetry was meant to be proclaimed. Reflect on whether the exercise gives you a greater appreciation for the gift of creation and God as the gift-giver of creation.

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