Daily Gospel Reflection for May 23, 2020


Reflection by Kathy Mallery Schober

Today’s Gospel: John 16:23B-28

Here in the Gospel of John, we are drawing close to the arrest of Jesus. Jesus has just shared His last Passover Meal, instituting the Eucharist. He has given a new commandment to His apostles and told them that He will soon leave them and will send the Advocate.

This is a critical time. There are still important truths Jesus wishes to share before his arrest, and so he says “whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you.” Jesus desires joy for His friends. And there is joy and power in the Name of Jesus.

The Catechism teaches that to say the name of Jesus makes Him present to us and within us. His name “contains the presence it signifies” (CCC 2666). “The invocation of the name of Jesus is the simplest way of praying always” (CCC 2668).

Calling someone by name is intimately personal. We encounter one another when we call one another by name. We encounter Jesus when we call upon His name. We can simply pray His name, “Jesus,” throughout our day in love and submission. And we can follow Jesus’ teaching of praying to the Father in the name of Jesus.

Another option, and one beloved by the Eastern Orthodox Christians, is the Jesus Prayer. Breathe in praying “Lord, Jesus Christ Son of God …” and breathe out praying “have mercy on me, a sinner.” In this, we intimately call upon His name and remind ourselves that He is present to us, and that we rely upon Him.

However we pray, when we invoke the name of Jesus, we can trust that He is with us and within us.


How will I make Jesus’ name an important part of my day today?


Father, please give me the joy and assurance that Jesus spoke of to the apostles. I ask this in the holy name of Jesus.

Copyright 2020 Kathy Mallery Schober


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