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Mary Wallace, PhD, is a devout Catholic wife, mother of 4 daughters, and college administrator. Mary’s doctorate is in Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, with a research interest in faith at work. Her dissertation contains insight from women working in the public sector, who use faith to inform their leadership. This research led Mary to start the blog, The Working Catholic Mom ( Mary is co-host of a Catholic radio show: Faith and Good Counsel, on Baton Rouge Catholic Community Radio. The radio show is focused on women living full lives of faith. She is also a contributing writer at the Integrated Catholic Life. Mary is available for speaking engagements at your diocese, parish, or civic group, and speaks on a variety of topics. For a full list of topics, see Mary’s speaking page at Follow Mary on facebook at

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5 Listen to Your Heart

What are you doing this Lent to walk your journey of faith? Though she did not “give up” anything so to speak, Mary Wallace is growing in holiness through the internal shifts in thoughts and prayer. Here are a few things that you may want to try, if you are still struggling with the journey.

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0 What to Tell Girls

When questioned about what to tell her girls about working and motherhood at the Atlanta Catholic Business Conference, Dr. Mary Wallace ponders her answer. Was it enough? What would I tell the girls about the vocations that seem to compete?

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2 Today, We Bake Bread

This is something I am struggling with: being a momma and working. In some of the worse moments, it looks like chaos. In the best moments, it is like warm homemade buttered bread. I would love to know your strategies to prioritize, making sure to keep family first.

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1 That UnChristmas Feeling

Are you one of the Catholic women this year who had that “unChristmas” feeling? Did you believe you missed the mark for the Advent Season? Do you remember that God is still a God of LOVE and the Church gives us so many opportunities to celebrate our faith and to evangelize? Join Mary Wallace as she discusses her UnChristmas feeling, and how she plans to change her vice into virtue, in order to grow closer to Our Lord.

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