Building on the popularity of Lisa M. Hendey’s The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, Ave Maria Press and are pleased to announce the launch of Books. Books:

Listed in order of publication. Click on each title for additional details:

In the spirit of the New Evangelization, and at the forefront of Catholic new media, creator Lisa Hendey and her fellow moms and bloggers celebrate all things faith, family, and fun from a thoroughly Catholic perspective. Through the triumphs and tedium of the everyday, Books encourage and support moms in their vocations, showing how their Catholic faith can be the vital center of their experience.

Ave Maria Press’s Books include 1-2 new titles per year. Hendey plays an active role in selecting new authors and books for this exciting new series, contributing a foreword for each title and promoting the books on the and through the thousands who follow her on social media networks.

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