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Join us as we read and discuss Good Enough is Good Enough by Colleen Duggan.

"Good Enough is Good Enough" Book Club at

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Subtitled “Confessions of an imperfect Catholic mom,” this book is surprising in many ways. You might think you’re getting humorous Tales from the Cry Room — and you wouldn’t be wrong — but there’s much more to this book than that. Author Colleen Duggan is open about the messiness of her life, from issues in her own childhood to the discovery that one of her children has a genetic disorder, because she wants to encourage other moms to move toward healing. This book is motivating, honest, heartbreaking, funny, and challenging. In short, it’s exactly the kind of book we love to share with you in our Book Clubs!

Colleen Duggan is a Catholic writer, teacher and speaker whose work has appeared in Catholic Digest, Creative Catechist,, Aleteia, and Integrated Catholic Life. While you wait for your copy of the book to arrive, enjoy her articles here at!

Good Enough is Good Enough is available from your local Catholic bookstore or online at and Order your copy today! You’ll receive 25% OFF this book with code TRUTH when you order at; this offer is good through July 1, 2018. This book would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift — to give or to receive!

Here’s how it will work:

We’ll post a reflection each week on Saturdays, beginning with an author interview on May 12. We have a team of writers who will be reflecting on each chapter and posting discussion questions. You’re welcome to read along with us.

You can participate in a few ways:
1. Read along.

2. Leave comments on each post with your thoughts and impressions or even take a stab at the discussion questions.

3. Interact with other commenters.

4. Share the posts and the discussion in your real-life networks and/or your social networks.

Our reading schedule:
Author interview by Carolyn Astfalk: May 12
Chapters 1 and 2, led by Megan Swaim: May 19
Chapters 3 and 4, led by Deanna Bartalini: May 26
Chapter 5 and Conclusion, led by Danielle Heckenkamp: June 2

NOTE: You need to click through to the actual weekly posts for discussion. Links will be added as the posts go live, each Saturday at 11:30 AM Eastern.

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"Good Enough is Good Enough" Book Club at

Image courtesy of Ave Maria Press. All rights reserved.