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Palm Sunday Craft Ideas


Every year on Palm Sunday in our Catholic churches, we receive palm fronds which have been ritually blessed as a wonderful part of our Palm Sunday liturgy.  You can create a special family tradition of your own by incorporating these blessed palms into an art activity to be cherished by your family for years to come.  Listed below, we offer many tips and suggestions for simple and complex Palm craft activities.  Taking time with your children to discuss the true meaning of Palm Sunday and to prayerfully fashion your palms into a piece of art will be a memory they will treasure and look forward to each Lenten season.



Palm Sunday Craft Ideas:

  • Additional Palm Sunday Coloring Pictures
  • Palm Cross:  Create a Palm Cross using your blessed palm - visit this site
  • Palm Cross:  Another simple style with step by step directions - visit this site
  • Palm Statues: Palm Braiding creates detailed and beautiful results - visit this site
  • Palm Weaving:  An excellent article with many detailed craft ideas - read article
  • Palm Cross:  Directions for another simple style of cross - visit this site
  • Palm Crown of Thorns:  Directions for creating a woven Crown of Thorns from palms - visit this site
  • Palm Wreaths:  Ann Ball's book, Catholic traditions in Crafts has instructions on how to make a cross. But it's folded, not braided. I make wreaths (that fit on statues heads) by knotting one end of a group of 3 palms, then braiding them like I braid my DD's hair! It's not beautiful, so that's why I tuck it into a circle form. I'm putting one on our Mary statue today for the Feast of the Annunciation (shared by Maryt)
  • Palm Chain:  Cut the palms the size of gum wrappers and weave them as you would a gum wrapper chain (shared by Sassy)
  • Palm Coil:  Take a palm, split it into 2 or 3 strands. Take a pencil or marker and tape the outermost end of the palm to the pencil. Then wrap the palm around the pencil as many times as you wish (going up and down the pencil as needed). You may need to tape it in place when you're done. Let it set like this for at least a week or 2 till it's all dried out. When you unwind it, it will be a cool looking coil or spring (shared by Shell)

Links to Additional Palm Sunday Craft Ideas:


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