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2 Give Them This Day Their Daily Bread

When we pray the “Our Father”, taking the time to meditate upon the meaning of each of its phrases, we often have to remind ourselves what it means for the Lord to “give us this day our daily bread.” Colleen Mitchell shares about her friend Esther and invites us all to remember those struggling from malnourishment in our daily “Our Father.”

Articles from Our Contributors
2 Giving Voice to the Cry of the Poor (Church)

It is often difficult for us to imagine exactly what Pope Francis is referencing when he speaks with such passionate conviction about the needs of the poor. What may be even more difficult for us to imagine is that in the places where the poor live, the Church herself is more often than not poor. Colleen Mitchell invites you to leave your prayers in the comments as a spiritual bouquet for the community she’ll be serving in Tanzania this week.

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