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0 Why I'm a Fan of the White Noise App

I started out thinking this app was not for me at all — at least not in the daytime. I could certainly see the usefulness of this app for sleep, but initially struggled to find its value as a relaxation (or focusing) tool. But the more I played with the mixes and the options, the more I started to like it.

Articles from Our Contributors
0 Kids off schedule? 10 Tips for Back-to-School Sleep

Sleep helps kids do well in school, improves social functioning, prevents illness and injuries, and even prevents obesity. But American children don’t sleep enough. With touch-screens luring children to avoid bed, we have a growing epidemic of pediatric sleep deprivation. Don’t let your kids go to school sleep-deprived. Summer is ending and it’s time to get your kids on a back-to-school sleep schedule.

Here are 10 tips for back-to-school sleep: