Author Lisa Hess

Lisa Lawmaster Hess is a former school counselor and transplanted Jersey girl who is delighted to (finally) be a stay-at-home mom to her teenage daughter. Lisa writes both fiction and non-fiction and is the author of two books drawn from her work with her students: Acting Assertively and Diverse Divorce. A community blogger for WITF (Six Children and No Theories) and a contributing blogger at The Susquehanna Writers, Lisa's personal blog is The Porch Swing Chronicles. She completely (and unconvincingly) disputes the theory that teaching and blogging are simply ways to avoid revising her novels. Lisa is also the author of one novel, Casting the First Stone.

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0 Why I’m a Fan of the White Noise App

I started out thinking this app was not for me at all — at least not in the daytime. I could certainly see the usefulness of this app for sleep, but initially struggled to find its value as a relaxation (or focusing) tool. But the more I played with the mixes and the options, the more I started to like it.

Articles from Our Contributors
1 Getting Smarter

Having reached the age at which I find myself unable to find the correct word or unable to remember why I came into a room much more often than I’d like, I’m an easy target for anything that promises to strengthen the connections in my brain.

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