Mindfulness vs. Prayerfulness

When Tami’s son came home from college explaining how he found “mindfulness,” it made her think about what mindfulness means to followers of Christ.


How to Offer Up Suffering

When you suffer, how do you “offer it up?” Marya Hayes considers ways to offer up her pain.


The Pope Video: Africa

Pope Francis urges us to pray that young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.


Mercy: the Virtue of the Month

Linda Kracht focuses on the virtue of Mercy, encouraging readers to make it a priority to root your children, yourself, family and friends and others in Mercy.

For Your Family

The Downside of Fixer Upper

Laura Range shares her journey of learning that what we do within our homes is more important than how they look.

News, Culture, and Fun

The Gist: Miraculous Healing

In this episode of The Gist, the hosts interview comedy writer Jeannie Gaffigan about her miraculous healing from a brain tumor.


Owning November

Jason Weirich offers 4 ways to keep a clear head in November.

Book Notes

The Abolition of Women

Merridith Frediani reviews “The Abolition of Women: How Radical Feminism is Betraying Women” by Fiorella Nash, new from Ignatius Press.

Tech Talk

Using Facebook the Catholic Way

The value of Facebook is all about how you use it, notes Birgit Jones, who returned to Facebook for its wide networking capability.